Sunday, January 6, 2008

زما ځواني ډول کوي د پښتونواله ســــــــــــــــــــــره زه په پښتو او پښتنوالې باندې سر ورکـــــــــــــومزما يې خټه لمده کړې د غيرت په اوبـــــــــــــــــــــوبې همتي نه ده لازم زما له شانه ســــــــــــــــــــــــــره

Pukhtoons Are From Afghanistan

After some disputes with Alagh baig in (1490-1485)when Yousuf Zee came down from Khyber,Dallazak gave them, the area of Dowawa due to sympathey with them . At that time Dallazak were living in the areas from Bajwar to Mradan and Sawabi. Also to the south of River Kabul ,this area was in the control of them. But the lands of Ashnaghar were in the ownership of the Jahangiri Kings of swat. The capital of the area was Mangloria. The last King of this family was king Sultan Awais. The lands of Ashnaghar were in the fenancy of same farmers whose owners were there King. When yousuf Zee came to Dowawa,they asked more land from Dallazak.They were given the land up to Bajawar of Danishkol and Auber. Adter some time Yousuf Zee also snatched Ashnaghar from the tenants of the Kings of Swat by force.And thus slouly they took the areas of Mardan, Sawabi, swat and Dir from Dallazaks the last battle between yousuf zee and Dallazak was faught at Katlang. In this battle Dallazaks were badly defeated. Those who remaind lined at the other side of Abaseen in Hazara, while some of them remained in Dowawa.The battle of Katlang destroyed Dallazaks as a nation.In this battle of Katlang; Mohammad Zee,Kheshki, Googyani and Utman Khel also faught against Dallazak, in favour of Yousuf Zee
"Acording to some thoughts up to 1010 Yousuf Zee had taken control of district Mardan,Dir and Swat.
Due to their support, Mohammad zee were make lived in Hashtangar,Googyani and Utman Khel in Doaba and Kheshkis in Nowshera.
When Kheshkis came down with Muhammad Zee and took control of Ashnaghar with yousuf Zee,and tey started their life here.Two three miles to the north-west of Charsadd-e-Khas and built a vilage by the name of Kheshgi Darra.And when they got this present area(village)due to the distribution by Sheikh Malli (1525-30),they came here and started living on the bank of river Kabul in two villages.The present Kheshki is divided in to two parts,Kheshki Bala and Kheshki Payan. According to the distribution and partition of 1877 both the villages are divided in accordance with the lands and Khels in to eight,eight Khels and Tals.